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Hello Beautiful!

I am so grateful to share all of my creations with you! My wish is for you to love and enjoy these wild, powerful, perfectly imperfect creations. 

All of my handmade creations are one of a kind, made with lots of love. No two pieces will ever be the same! They are made for one soul to love and cherish. 


Unforgettable Feathers was officially born in October of 2023 when I was laid off from my "big box", corporate job in the mortgage industry. The market was down, rates were up, and finally after 8 years in the industry, my time was up and change was forced. When my layoff phone call came thru, I was on the beach in Coos Bay, OR with my daughter. There was this beautiful rainbow that was starting to come out from the clouds so I started photographing it as my daughter was drawing hearts in the sand. My phone rang as I was snapping was THE CALL, my time was up  and I was being thrown out like so many others have been in the mortgage industry. When I hung up, I started to cry, not because I was sad...I was a little nervous, ya...but more than anything I was absolutely liberated and felt such a sense of peace as I stared out over the water at the rainbow (pictured below). It was so symbolic, the horizon was my new beginning, a blank slate of unlimited possibilities. 

I had been making my own earrings for quite some time (2 or so years) and was always receiving compliments and being asked where I got them. I just didn't have time to make them on top of my 9-5 job, being mom, being wife, etc. When one of my girlfriends found out I lost my job she said, "GOOD, now F****** make and sell your jewelry! I have a booth I already paid for...come setup on a corner of my table and see what you can do." 

So I did. I hammed down and made 25 pairs of earrings for the show. I had nothing to lose. I was craving in person interaction because by this time, I had been working from home for about 6 years which has its perks for sure  but it is VERY isolating. I ended up selling TWELVE pairs my first show and the amount of positive feedback I received was absolutely overwhelming. It was liberating and addicting. I realized there was truly something there. Seeing the smile I am able to provide to people thru my jewelry is humbling and so rewarding. When you create something and people want to wear it, its an unexplainable sense of accomplishment and brings all the feels.

Creating these pieces of art has brought me so much peace and strength in a time that I had no idea what I was going to do next. I re found myself and what I truly stand for, what I want out of this life and what is truly important to me. Instead of jumping to another "secure" job that's going to fill my pockets...I decided to take a leap of faith and fill my HEART and SOUL instead.

Much LOVE!! Enjoy my creations and channel your inner goddess! It is more powerful than you know <3 

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